Each Shekina Design original is individually created.  Ideas are sketched onto paper.
Technique 100% white silk yardage is stretched onto frames. The yardage is then marked off determining where a sleeve will fall, or where the front and backs lay.  Working off of my sketches, the entire surface design is drawn with hot paraffin and wax using the ancient tool called a tjanting.  This defines lines, shapes and areas which will control and maintain areas of color without penetrating or bleeding into other areas. Then using brushes, the yardage is hand-painted with liquid fiber-reactive dyes.  This is where I approach the white silk as an empty canvas, dancing the dance of a painter and witnessing the application of color, moving from an inner rhythm which guides, beckons and continues to surprise.  After the yardage has dried, it is heat-set to cause the colors to become permanent. The yardage is then washed, dried, dry-cleaned and ironed.  The finished painted yardage is then cut and sewn into my original styles.