“For a wearable design, sometimes it is the silhouette that inspires me first.  From this shape,  I can determine what type of silk will be appropriate and then I’ll play with various surface designs on paper, until one resonates with me.   

Other times, I am inspired by a sample of silk yardage, and then determine by its weight, texture and drape, what type of design and silhouette might be suitable.” Artist Statement
“This is essentially what my work exploration is and has been about for the past 23 years.

The variation and seemingly endless relationships within the color spectrum, combined with the illuminescent quality of silk and its ability to take dyes so well keeps the experience a joyful one.

By juxtaposing subtle monochromatics with pure, intense hues or adding a touch of black and white to sharpen the contrast, or by gradating the tones from dark to light, I end up with a striking statement that is at once intriguing and harmonious.”
“Wearable art, the three dimensional nature of clothes in movement, and the personal expression of the wearer all come together to create a unique statement.  Each piece seems to be the expression of the wearers spirit.  There is that magic moment when the piece and the person come together.” “From the moment my dye ladened brush touched the silk and i experienced the generosity and hunger of that fabric to receive it, there was no turning back for me.  I was drawn as a moth to light.

In the studio, i am a caterpillar.  When i emerge, all you see are the brilliant colors of the butterfly.”

-Shekina Rudoy

“There is always a kind of cosmic "downloading" going on, as the divine qualities seek new steambeds to flow through; the imaginal realm presses against our physical one in an alchemy of transformation, aching, it seems, to come into finitude.  And from our end, we live in the cosmos not as exiles yearning for the absolute but as alchemists and artists, teasing the shape of the divine emerging out of the external and into the now.”

-Cynthia Bourgeault.   The Wisdom Way of Knowing.